Collections are a group of content items that have been collected by a user and saved for further refinement, review, or processing (sharing, editing, etc.). You create a collection in the Content Browser or the Content Browser toolbar.

Create a Collection

You can create a collection with the plus icon, give it a name and description (searchable) and add your Content Items to it.

You can add items using the star icon or the keyboard (arrow & space bar).

Working with Collections

The collections in the sidebar of the Content Browser have two toolbars.

  1. The toolbar for operating on the collection, e.g. add new, edit, delete the collection.

  2. The toolbar for operating on the items in the collection, e.g. download, share, […], clear collection.


Removed Items in Collections

When a Content Item is deleted from Picturepark you will see the item greyed out in your collection. There is no possibility to restore it.


Collection Use Cases

You can create collections for tasks, campaigns, or projects. By searching for it, you can easily find your desired collection.


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