Transformations in Business Rules

Join By Transformation

The JoinByTransformation allows us to concatenate values with a separator e.g. join the n-grams from the N-Gram transformation. 

Lookup Cache Transformation

The LookupCacheTransformation uses the input from transformations above to check against a named cache created based on a list of tags (a dictionary). Similar to TakeDictionaryValueTransformation with the difference that this lookup also works for data not directly assigned to the content. 

N-Gram Transformation

The NGramTransformation can extract n-grams from free text fields e.g. descriptions and use those n-grams (words) in a LookupCache transformation to find the correct tags e.g. take the IPTC description and extract words to check against a keyword list for tagging. 

Projection Transformation

The ProjectionTransformation takes all values of a list and applies the configured transformation to each item e.g. take each tag from auto-tagging and match it against the keyword list to later assign all keywords in the descriptive information. 

Split Transformation

The SplitTransformation can split text (strings) based on any character or value e.g. take the original file name and split underline or dash to then use the output in a JoinByTransformation and concatenate the filename parts with a space.  

Take Array Value Transformation

The TakeArrayValueTransformation allows us to get the value from an array by providing the index (the position the value is stored) e.g. get the first value from array of assigned schemas. 

Take Dictionary Value Transformation

The TakeDictionaryValueTransformation allows us to get the value of a key-value pair by providing the key e.g. get value from extracted metadata where Metadata is a dictionary and you provide the key xmpMetadata to get the whole xmp metadata values back, followed by another TakeDictionaryValueTransformation to get the Dublin Core values when providing the key dc. 

Transformation Groups

The Transformation Group allows to group multiple transformations and output one value which can be used in the following transformation group or business rule action. The Transformation Group enables you to loop through large amounts of tags, based on the same condition and triggers, e.g. check if the tag is X - will check the first tag, check the 2nd tag […] check the 365th tag.

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