Picturepark Core Concepts

Adaptive Metadata

Adaptive Metadata means to focus on the information required for the specific content. If your content model defines that your basic information should always include the address, then where does your product category live?

Build Your Information Architecture (Data Model)

You can build your data model from scratch, as well as your permission sets. You are completely free in doing so but we suggest talking to a Picturepark solution specialist to get some best practice advice. If you decide to do it yourself, you should ask yourself several questions before starting to configure the Content Platform.

Context Information on List Items

The Content Platform enriches your tags with additional contextual information, which is required for search engine optimization inside and outside Picturepark and makes your users happy.

Strictly Structured Content

Virtual Types or Lists enable users to more easily work with content in Picturepark that adheres to a defined structure, without having to worry about the output format of the content. Common to Lists or Virtual Types is a defined structure. 

Unstructured and Structured Data

The Picturepark Content Platform supports different kinds of metadata concepts, one is unstructured data input like free text and the other is structured data input similar to excel tables.

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