Sidebar Filters

Create filters in the sidebar

The filter editor is available for the creation of filters in the Content Browser and filters in the List Browser. Those are the filters you see on the right available for users to filter for items. What you technically create here are aggregations, as you aggregate the values of a field into different clickable filters.

Example for Tagbox using the ID of the Tag and changing the field to search for in the Filters:

  1. Open settings of the List or the Channel

  2. Open the Filters

    • Content Browser Filters in Channel settings

    • Filters in List settings

  3. Press "Add" to add a new filter.

  4. Select the field (shown as field path), audit information, or broken references

    • Use Ids wherever possible as those are unique (_refId for Tagbox).

    • Fields already available as filters are still shown here, you have multiple filters on the same field.

  5. Update the settings

    • Change name

    • Change search field (specifically for tagboxes)

  6. Save & Test

Filters require values in fields, that must have "Include in filters" configured. However, you cannot add a relationship, fieldset, or geo point fields directly to the Channel or List Filters. You can add the fields used in the underlying relationship or fieldset if it is not one of the non-supported fields.

Search in Filters

Search functionality within filter values can propose "suggestions" for the possible values. These search fields are used for search suggestions in the Content Browser and List Item Browser. Depending on the field used for the filter, the analyzed version will be used: this means that suggestions have insensitive casing search and a "like autocompletion" behavior roughly implemented.

Each Filter can have one or multiple search fields that should be used for the search in the Filter settings.


Reorder filters in the sidebar

You can change the sort order of the filters by selecting reorder.

Reorder filter items in a filter

For every filter configured you find the sort field, where you can select if you want to sort by item count (which is the default) or alphabetically ascending or descending. If you choose alphabetically you get another selection for the field value on which to sort alphabetically. Sorting by item count does not offer a sort field because the order is based on the number of items returned by that filter. That means that the filter which finds the most items is at the top.

Sorting is supported on text values from text fields and tagboxes, DateTime, Checkboxes, and Numbers.

For Tagboxes, which are created based on _refId the Name Pattern is shown in the Filters. Picturepark sorts tagboxes values also on the Name Pattern which must be set to “available in filters” for the field on the Layer.

Types of sidebar filters


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