Create a Field

Open or create the schema where you want to add a field, e.g., a list, layer, virtual type, fieldset, and relation.

  1. Open schema settings by double-clicking on the schema.

  2. Select the fields tab in the right column of the schema detail view.

  3. Add one or multiple fields, remove fields - make all changes.

  4. Save when your work is done.

The status in the left column has a red mark to indicate that you have to re-index the search indexes after you made changes to fields.

Access the Field Path


Access the Field ID


Search for Specific Field Values

Update a Field / Edit a Field

Open the schema where you want to edit a field, e.g., a list, layer, virtual type, fieldset, and relation.

  1. Open the settings with the gear icon.

  2. Select fields in the sub-menu.

  3. Find your field.

  4. Select the edit icon next to it.

Video on how to update an existing field.

Some settings cannot be changed:

  • Field Type

  • The ID of the field

  • Specific field properties:

    • Allow only single or multiple items for fieldset, relationships and tagbox

    • Adding translations for text fields

    • From date to date time and vice versa

    • From number to decimal and vice versa

When updating search settings, check the main menu for search indices badges and open the settings to reindex if required.

When updating the required flag, some items may miss the new required values. The Content Platform shows a message to inform you about this. However, there is no actual check if content items are affected. Admins must search for the field to find affected content items and batch edit them to add the required values. (see the search for a field). The required check does not work for fieldsets and relations. You must open the fieldset schema and check its usage in the overview panel – this does not work again for nested fieldsets (fieldset in fieldset in fieldset). Consider a batch edit or excel update to ensure data integrity.

Field Types in Picturepark

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